ABC's Bachelorette Party: Large Charcuterie board

I can’t believe that we are well over halfway done with this season, its crazy! It is seriously time for Luke P to go home and I jokingly said that this charcuterie board is as large as Luke P’s ego! The idea behind this was that it was going to be red, white and blue but it really turned into red, white, blue and orange.. a little unavoidable. But it was so so good!


What you will need

  • Brie wheel

  • Pistachios

  • Pepperoni

  • Goat Cheese

  • Colby Jack Cheese

  • Blue Cheese

  • Cheddar Cheese

  • Hot Habenero Cheddar (warn your guests of the heat!)

  • Fresh Mozzarella Balls

  • Raspberries

  • Blueberries

  • Dried Cranberries

  • Simple Mills GF Crackers

  • Hershey’s Chocolate


I’ve definitely said this before, but the best thing about charcuterie boards is that you can do what you want and there aren’t any rules when it comes to what you have to do. If you missed it, you can read about my smaller charcuterie board here! You can tell in the video that I would put something down and then change my mind with how it was looking as I placed things! The freedom with these is so great. Side note, I know I have already made two but I’m sure this won’t be my last one! See the video below! As always, I have so much fun putting these together and I hope you enjoy!