Gluten Free Eats in Boston

When we moved to Boston, I was a little nervous about the food situation tbh.. It’s really hard going into a new city and trying to find new foods that you are able to eat. With that being said, I have had a lot of {good} luck finding delicious foods here so far and I want to share them with you guys! Dustin approves too for all you non-gluten free folks! I will add to this list as we try new spots!

Legal Seafood .JPG

Legal Seafood

Since we have lived in Boston, we have been to a few of their locations(the one next to the Aquarium is our favorite). They are so awesome! The were actually concerned for my allergy and the manager always brings my food out to me. They had GF rolls, too. I DIE…so good! Keep in mind each location has different options, this is the menu for the location next to the Aquarium!

gluten free finds ebi

Ebi Sushi

This cute sushi spot is the first place we have found in Boston with delicious gluten free sushi! Obviously we couldn’t order sushi that was fried, but all of the fresh rolls were SO GOOD! I also don’t know how to explain it but they had the best rice!


Fire and Ice

We ate here one day and they were great with gluten free options! The waiter even brought me a card to give the chef and they took t to the back to cook my food and brought it out to me at the table!

gluten free jp licks

JP Licks

We grabbed ice cream here one day and it was YUMMY. I got the chocolate with peanut butter sauce in a cup and had no problems! They had tons of other GF options! I will link their GF menu page below!



We went here for dinner the other night and OH EM GEE. So good! They didn’t have a separate GF menu but the waiter was very knowledgeable about what was safe for me to eat. I got the caesar salad, yum! Dustin and I split the bacon wrapped scallops and they basically melted in our mouths. We also split the lamb chops and definitely another melt in your mouth type of situation! I also had the sangria and it was delish!

Boston Burger Company

This was quite the experience. They have seriously insane burgers. We at here for a late lunch one afternoon and got to sit on the patio out front. For GF options they have lots, all sanwhicches and burgers can be made on a GF bun. I wasn’t able to get anything fried though. But I always like when they warn me about the possibility of cross contamination, it makes me feel like they know what they are talking about!



Such good Mexican! The chips were GF and the waitress was very knowledgeable! I was able to each all of the tacos, just on corn tortillas. Also, get the lobster guacamole, so so good. My favorite taco was the pork tacos, it had a pineapple salsa that I would normally be turned away from but it did not disappoint! Drinks were also good!

*These are my experiences with these restaurants and this is what I have found. Please do your own research before going!*