Six Day Fast Pass Guide


You guys I am so EXCITED! In the morning I get to pick my fast passes for my August trip and I CANT WAIT. I always make a game plan before selection day(lol sounds so official). I like to write out each day, which park we will be at each day, and which fast passes we are trying to get for that day.

We are going to be in the parks for 6 days straight and we decided that we want to go to Magic Kingdom twice and Animal Kingdom twice. In my opinion, these two parks are the biggest with the most to do, see and eat. Yes, Epcot has a lot of foods don’t get me wrong but the foods and the amount of rides balance each other out. Just a personal preference!


Park: Magic Kingdom

  1. Space Mountain - This is my favorite ride at Magic Kingdom so we will be getting this for both days!

  2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - This is a fun ride, I love the line to get in but it is always a long line so I try to get a fast pass for it! This is also a good ride to end your night on, get in line about 5-10 minutes before park close and you can stay in line until you ride it! I think that this ride is faster at night!

  3. Peter Pans Flight - This is such a good ride, I never understood the hype or why there is always a long line but I went on it last time was there and now I will get a fast pass for it so I can skip the long line!


Park: Animal Kingdom

  1. Flight of Passage - The last couple of times I have went to get this fast pass, I have literally just taken whatever I can get for them, any time of day. I’m talking like 6pm and 7pm

  2. Kilimanjaro Safari - I recommend getting this fast pass earlier in the day because the animals are up and moving around in the morning!

  3. Dinosaur - We love this ride, but the wait time is always hit or miss for it and for that I get a fast pass for it.


Park: Epcot

  1. Test Track - Definitely add this to your fast pass list! It’s a ride but it is also a very cool experience as well.

  2. Spaceship Earth - Before the first time I rode this, I was pretty much like why are we going on this(because I didn’t know what it was). Now I think it is such a fascinating ride, definitely a must!

  3. The Seas with Nemo and Friends - A cute ride and a great way to get out of the heat.


Park: Hollywood Studios

  1. Slinky Dog Dash - This is Hollywood Studios’ latest rollercoaster and it was so much fun! Definitely add it to your plans for the day.

  2. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster - This ride alllllways has a long line and its so good!

  3. Frozen Sing-a-long Celebration - This is such a funny show even for adults! Try to get a fast pass for the 2pm or 3pm show because it is a great break from the heat!


Park: Magic Kingdom

  1. Splash Mountain - The perfect ride to cool off on a hot day!

  2. Space Mountain - Like I said before, this is my favorite ride and I always try to go on it as much as possible!

  3. Jungle Cruise - Such a funny ride.. so many puns haha


Park: Animal Kingdom

  1. Flight of Passage - So nice you’ve got to do it twice haha but seriously, try to get this fast pass for both days!

  2. Kali River Rapids - Much like Splash Mountain, this is a fun way to cool off on a hot afternoon.

  3. Expedition Everest - such a fun ride! Get the fast pass but then go on it again at night, it feels faster!