10 Unique Rainy Day Activities in Boston

10 Unique Rainy Day Activities in Boston

Nothing is worse than having plans and having them get canceled due to rain. Totally been there, and it sucks! I complied alllll the things to do in Boston that you can add to your arsenal of rainy day activities!

  1. Kings Dining & Entertainment - This is a fun place to be able to bowl and grab dinner! If you are wanting to extend your night after dinner, watch a movie at Showplace Icon Theater which is just upstairs from the bowling alley.

  2. Axe throwing - I have talked about our day at Urban Axes before, it was such a fun experience and the perfect activity for a rainy day if you are feeling adventurous. You can read more about our experience here!

  3. Boda Borg - This is such a unique experience, its a combination of psychical challenges and mental challenges and its absolutely fun! I linked to a the page that has a video that goes further into detail!

  4. New England Aquarium - Fun fact, this was the first thing that Dustin and I did when we moved to Boston, we love going to zoos and aquariums so much! We bought an annual pass and never looked back. Wander through the New England Aquarium and then have lunch or dinner at Legal Seafood (its one of our favorite restaurants)!

  5. Butterfly Garden - This is located in the Museum of Science and I can’t wait to visit. Its a fun addition to spending the day at the science museum!

  6. Laugh Boston - This is more of a “rainy evening” activity but I just had to put it on the list! We have seen Dirty Disney at Laugh Boston and I have honestly never laughed so hard in my life. They have a show 1-2 times a month - don’t miss it!

  7. Drive-In Movie - This is a bit of a drive out of the city, but worth making the list! Load up the car and head to Mendon Twin Drive-In to see a double feature! The website says rain or shine, how fun and such a throwback!!

  8. Boston Center for Adult Education - Take a class at BCAE, they have classes Monday through Saturday and they all look like so much fun! They have cooking classes, art classes, wine tastings, photography classes, anything you can think of, they have it!

  9. Brooklyn Boulders - Take an intro to rock climbing class at Brooklyn Boulders! They teach intro courses for us newbies which is such a fun and unique way to spend a rainy day! They have everything you will need for the class as well.

  10. Harpoon Brewery & Beer Hall - What better way than to spend an afternoon hanging out inside with friends at the local brewery while the rain comes down outside!

What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Would you rather curl up with a good book or brave the weather and head out to explore?! Let me know!

Target Finds: Spring Bags

Here we go you guys!

This is the post that I was talking about in my stories the other day. Where Target inspired me(shocker) hahah I was Marco-Polo-ing my mom, its the best app ever especially for me living so far from my family! But I was saying over and over again “this bag is so cute”, “oh my gosh, this bag!!” There were SO many good ones! So I have rounded up allll the cutest Target bags that I could find and put them in one convenient place for you to shop them!

Target Find_ Spring Bags.png

I had a lot of fun putting this together for you all and I hope you like it! Let me know which one is your favorite! Mine is the first one!

ABC's Bachelorette Party: Charcuterie Board

Before Colton’s season I had never really watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette, maybe an episode here or a string of episodes there.. but since moving to Boston I have started to watch it with a group of friends I have made here! I like it, but I think I enjoy it because I do themes for each episode! I love a good theme haha I love doing these and I want to share them with you!

I am going to start doing this every week where I share an appetizer that I am bringing to share with everyone. Going forward, I might add in a game or something as well…maybe an outfit?! We will see!

This week is just a simple charcuterie board and seriously, it was a hit!

The board that I used I got from our wedding registry a couple of years ago but I found tons of cute and similar ones from Target.



I got everything on this board from either Target or Trader Joes! But really you can get it all from the same store, I also added a couple of things that I had on hand already! That is sort of the great things about charcuterie boards, you don’t have to follow rules and anything goes. You can use small things you may already have to spice up and bring some color to your board!


What I used:

-Triple Cream Brie Wheel



- Shelled Pistachios

-Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella

-Sharp Cheddar

-Dubliner Aged Cheese

-Chocolate Covered Almonds

-Van’s Gluten Free “the perfect 10” (any type of crackers will work!)


It was so easy and I created a video to show the process, let me know what you think!

The Perfect Memorial Day Party

Here we go guys! ALLLLL the things you need to have the perfect Memorial Day weekend! I found literally everything you need from what to wear to what you are going to float your happy butt on in the pool!



The inspiration for this set up seriously all started with the cutest cooler there ever was from Dabney Lee. I saw it in Target, had to have it! I had a serious debate on getting the 18-can backpack cooler or the shoulder style. I opted for the backpack because I will use it to go to the beach and the pool all summer! While it is a cooler, it is still super easy to pack a towel, a few drinks and a snack all in one bag and not have to worry about the drinks getting hot.

You guys KNOW I can’t pass up a good theme, the lemons set the plan in motion and I couldn’t be stopped after that! We are having a citrus Memorial Day party and I am HERE. FOR. IT! When I am planning something I like to “shop” from my apartment for a bit before I go buy a ton of stuff. Finding things that I already have usually makes the store a bit less stressful as well.

The plant, glassware, tray and blanket (aka, the shawl of 1000 uses! See inside joke here). All that was left to buy were the lemons, tea, lemonade, and of course Strongbow! Super easy. See the recipe for the boozy Arnold Palmer below!



Boozy Arnold Palmer.png


Target is my go to when it comes to swimming suits! I love that you can mix and match tops and bottoms and they usually fit true to size. Memorial Day Weekend is the first pool weekend for us so it gives me alllll the excuses to get a couple of new suits! I am all about rewearing suits that fit correctly. So usually I find tops and bottoms to go with the ones that I already have. I picked some of the ones that I already own as well as the ones in my cart for next weekend! I also added a few of my choices from Amazon as well!


There were so many cute citrus options when it came to pool floats and other accessories to add to your party for the perfect day! They become decorations without really even having to try. I think they are the perfect addition and I especially love the straws!


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Hi guys!

This is something that I haven’t really done before but I had so much fun putting this together! I think this might be a new thing that I do! All of these things should get to you by Mother’s Day if you order by Tuesday!

State necklace - This is perfect for your mom, especially if you live out of state! For example, I live in Massachusetts, my parents live in Iowa and my sister is moving to Scotland! Its perfect!

Ray Bans - the cutest sunglasses, both my mom and I have these! I got them over a year ago and they are such great quality. They also have free overnight shipping right now!

Derma Roller - This is something that I never thought to get my mom, but if you follow @imperfectlittlemeblog on instagram she is all for it! Amazon Prime for the win!


Kendra Scott necklace - The perfect addition to any look, so dainty! There is a 15% off coupon when you sign up with your email. Order by 5/7 to get in time for Mother’s Day!

Special Delivery Card - The cutest one stop shop for all your card needs. The shop owner is the nicest and most efficient person I have ever worked with on Etsy. My card was shipped about 45 minutes after I placed my order!

Faux Leather Weekender Bag - This is the perfect weekend bag, I took this bag on every trip we did in 2018 and it still looks brand new! Such a steel and perfect for moms that travel a lot! Free two day shipping!

Drunk Elephant Marula Oil and Night Serum - This is the best skincare line that I have found to date! My mom started using this back around Christmas and is hooked! I think that this is the perfect product duo to start off with in the Drunk Elephant line. Free 3 day shipping with orders over $50.

Like I said, I had so much fun putting this together! Especially because my mom helped me come up with things she would want/already has! What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? I would love to know! Did you find the gift guide helpful?

Our Favorite spots in Disney Springs

Dustin and I love visiting Disney World but we also love Disney Springs! If you have ever visited, and have seen the hot air balloon flying over the lake, that is our favorite spot. We got married in that hot air balloon! Almost all of the places that are our favorite spots are from the week of our wedding. When we went back this past Christmas we visited some of them again and we were just so happy! Disney really is our happy place! Here are some of our favorite spots in Disney Springs!

  1. Raglan Road - We had brunch here with all of our friends and family just minutes after we got married! Its such a fun spot, they have live music and its just an energetic atmosphere, all day long! For brunch we recommend the Eggs Benedict or the Steak and Eggs, both are good and you can’t go wrong with either! As for dinner, get the Seafood Gnocchi or the Bison Burger! Absolutely fantastic. For reference, I can’t EVER finish a burger, there is alllllways some of it leftover and I DEVOURED IT. lol it was GONE! They also have great ciders!

  2. Boathouse - This is one that we just visited for the first time around Christmas and we fell in love with it! The lobster bisque is LIFE CHANGING. Like seriously we dream of that stuff. The staff was so awesome, too. With my gluten allergy the chef came out and chatted with me about what was safe and what wasn't, but we actually ended up talking for about 10 minutes about how we can make the lobster bisque at home! He was so nice! Our meals were also great, I had the prime rib sliders which were so good and Dustin had the Grilled Mahi Mahi tacos! We will definitely be back considering we have been dreaming of the lobster bisque ever since we had it!

  3. Morimoto - Very yummy! We really liked this place and we liked their appetizers even more! The Seafood Pizza, Toro Tartare, and the Kanikama Rangoons! We also loved the Toro sashimi.. like melt in your mouth so good. Now we order it everywhere we go and it had never been the same since! As for the rest of our meal we just got a couple of sushi rolls that did not disappoint! I will say though that we ate here before my gluten allergy so I am not 100% sure which of their menu items are GF or not!

  4. Splitsville - We actually had our wedding reception here and it was perfect! Great food and we got to bowl and play pool. We loved the pizzas and sushi! This is another place though that we visited before my gluten allergy. When we did come back after I had my allergy, there were very, very limited options.

  5. Wine Bar George - Such a great atmosphere! We just got a bottle of wine and just hung out at the bar for a few hours after dinner one night. It was fun to people watch and talk to the bar tender. They also had more seating upstairs that is a little more relaxed. The Wine Bar has a few snack options too like charcuterie boards and other small plates!

  6. Paradiso 37 - Three words, Baja Fish Tacos… SO SO GOOD, like so good we both got them! We also had a super tasty pitcher of the sangria! We split chips and guac for an appetizer which was delish. We sat at the bar because there was a really long wait for a table and we actually enjoyed sitting at the bar and watching everything happen around us! Anyone else people watchers out there? haha

We seriously love Disney Springs and all that it has to offer, when we plan our trips we like to make sure that we have at least half a day if not more to explore and just enjoy some time in Disney Springs! Have you been? What are your favorite spots in Disney Springs? We love trying new places!

Caribbean All-Inclusive Resort Bucket List

We have been trying to plan our next trip for the past couple of weeks and really looking at all-inclusive resorts. When I am looking for a good deal I always turn to Expedia! It gives us a good idea of how much the whole trip will cost with combining flights and hotels together. Especially when I am looking at all inclusive properties! There are no hidden fees, really. When I started doing research about the Caribbean, I had no idea how pricey some of the islands were! WOWZA.

SIDE NOTE: The whole time I have been writing this post I have had the song “Aruba, Jamaica.. ooooo I wanna take ya.. Burmuda, Bahama come on pretty mama..” stuck in my head hahahah


St. Lucia


Punta Cana


Once I figured out how to get the info across, I actually had fun doing this! I was thinking I could do a Mexico all-inclusive resorts list next! What do you guys think of that?!

Our First Time at Disneyland!


Its no secret that we are a bit Disney obsessed, I mean hello, that's where our wedding and honeymoon was. TIP: One of the things that we do when we are looking for a weekend getaway is to use Kayak and select “no specific destination”. That way we can just enter our max budget and the max amount of time we want to spend in the air and then get all of the estimates for all of the locations around us. This is what we did for Anaheim, we found really cheap flights to Los Angeles and then decided to spend the weekend at Disneyland!

Where we stayed

We stayed at the Majestic Anaheim Garden hotel. It was so cute, it looked like a Seven Dwarfs cottage from Snow White. It was so close to the parks and there was a shuttle. It was a win, win, win lol, we would definitely stay again! The shuttles ran on the half hour and it was never too crowded on the bus, we always were able to get on right away. We arrived at our hotel at about 1:00 PM, changed and hopped on the next available shuttle to the parks.

Breakdown of the Day


When we got there I hadn’t realized that it was the opening weekend for Pixar Fest. Our first day we spent at Disneyland. We had from about 2:00 PM-12:00 AM. When we first booked the trip, I was really worried about not being there right away in the morning but we had ample time to enjoy our day and explore!

We were starving so our first stop in the park was at Alien Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland for a slice of pizza.. they also had the CUTEST green alien macaroons at Pizza Planet! I am noticing a trend of us eating at the first chance we get when we arrive places... Anywho, while we were eating lunch we got on the Disneyland App and snagged our first fast pass! When it came to food though, I really found about 1000 more treats I would have liked to try after I left. Need to plan a trip back!

TIP: The extra $10 to get the fast passes was worth it, it was all on our phones and very easy to use. Coming from Disney World and having to pick fast passes a month or two in advance, I was a little stressed out that we might not get any, but we had zero problems.

Fast-passes we got


Throughout the day we got fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Soarin’ and Star Wars ride. Other rides that we just stood in line for were the Matterhorn ride, Finding Nemo submarine, Indiana Jones’ Adventure, the Jungle cruise and so many more. Our main objective was to ride all of the rides that weren’t at Disney World first and then add in ones that we’ve been on before. Both of our favorite rides were Space Mountain, but I did really like the Indiana Jones Ride!

After our full day of travel, we turned in around 9:00 pm, it turns out we didn’t need a full day at Disneyland after all. One thing we would definitely do differently if we went back would be to get the park hopper pass so we could go between California Adventure and Disneyland as we pleased. On the second day, we found ourselves wishing we could go on some of the big rides at Disneyland again!


6 Things to do When Deciding on a Destination Wedding

This is the kick off of my new destination wedding series! As most of you know, Dustin and I got married in Disney Springs July 1st of 2017… IT. WAS. HOT. But perfect! We decided about 2 months after we got engaged that we wanted a destination wedding. The thought of walking down the isle in a traditional setting just wasn’t for us! Once we decided to have a destination wedding my stress level went from 10 to 2, REAL fast.

Discussing with immediate family

We wanted to make sure that our family was okay with this decision before we even began planning! This was asking people like my parents and his parents their opinion and to make sure that they were on board with the destination wedding. All of our family was very supportive and made the decision that much easier for us!

Deciding when we would get married

Deciding what time of the year has a lot of contributing factors. Things like, price of destination, is the venue booked, family members, and so much more! Prioritize and take all of these things into consideration when picking the time of year! We also agreed that having a destination wedding limited when we could have our wedding. About half of our immediate family work in schools! So we decided that we needed to choose between summer and winter break based on that! We chose summer and we actually got married on my parents 17th wedding anniversary which was so so special!


This is a big contributor to choosing a destination wedding! Asking yourself and other people contributing financially can also help you decide if a destination wedding if right for you. Deciding on a budget with both of our families made deciding a lot easier. We knew exactly what we could spend on things. For us, when it came to budget, having a destination wedding was probably less than having a wedding close to home. Overall, we had less people there, and we didn’t necessarily have to pay for a venue, read more about that here. I think part of my stress when we thought about having a traditional wedding was the cost. We were looking at venues and a lot of them were $4,000-$8,000 just to rent the space!!! LIKE WHAT?!

Deciding where to have our wedding

This should be a special place for the both of you! OR somewhere that is on your bucket list, this is the perfect time to check a place off your bucket list for sure! For us, this was a pretty easy decision! We wanted to go somewhere that was special and after we decided on summer we narrowed it down to Florida! We both love Disney, but didn’t want to pay for a Disney wedding. Disney springs was the PERFECT alternative! I will share more about cost and details in a later post! You can read that here.

Consider visiting your destination prior to the wedding

If its possible, consider visiting your destination before the wedding. This will allow you to meet with vendors, scope out the place, do some planning in person and ultimately eliminate stress of not knowing what things look like. Exactly one year(by coincidence) I visited our destination with my mom, grandma and two of my sisters. We were able to see the location, both the rehearsal dinner location and the reception location while we were there. It was nice to be able to talk to the event coordinators at each of the spots in person. It made me feel better knowing the person that I was emailing back and forth with.

Coordinating guests

One huge question that you should ask yourself is if you are prepared to coordinate all of the people you are inviting from basically now until the wedding trip is over. For us this was coordinating 29 people with all different personality types, some people were really on top of things and then others we would have to constantly ask where they were at with certain things. I will be writing a whole blog post on this because I think there is so much that goes into it and I can share my tips for it!

Minneapolis Food Guide

Hold on guys, this is a long one! But it was pretty cool to write! Dustin and I sat down to write this and it was so fun to reminisce for sure! Leaving Minneapolis was bittersweet, but dang we have some good memories(most of which include food) hahaha

North Loop Restaurants

  1. Red Cow - You know how sometimes popcorn stores or donut stores will pipe the smell out into the air and it makes you want it more?! Well I swear Red Cow does this with their French fries because we were there way more than we would like to admit! We couldn’t stay away! We loved getting appetizers here! But the burgers are way good too! OH and their brunch!! They have many GF options here!

    • We recommend:

      • Ahi Tuna Crisps

      • Braised Beef & Beer Cheese Poutine

      • 60/40 Burger - SO GOOD

      • Fish Tacos

2. Black Sheep - They have the best GF Pizza! We used to place an order online and then walk to pick it up with Oscar and Moose!

  • We recommend:

    • House Salad, sounds basic but on another level good!

    • Pepperoni Pizza, again, basic but SO good!

    • Oyster Mushroom, Smoked Mozzarella, Rosemary & Garlic (my fave!)

3. Red Rabbit - We love going here for Bruch on Saturday or Sunday, bottomless mimosas, need I say more?! I will say though that their menu changes often, so these things might not be there. Even though we’ve never had a bad meal here! Also, they do accommodate for GF!

  • We recommend:

    • Sweet Chili Pizza

    • Pork Belly Breakfast Tacos

    • Warm Cinnamon Brownie with Ice Cream

..are you sensing a theme with the pick a color.. pick an animal .. make a restaurant?! Hahaha Moving on…

4. Edwards Dessert Kitchen - They are a bar that sells amazing desserts with the coolest atmosphere. We loved going here after we would go out to dinner! GF options here too!

  • We recommend:

    • Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie

    • Curried Scotcheroo

    • Milk Chocolate Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

    • White Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream

5. The Freehouse Minneapolis- We came here a lot for dinner and drinks, they had fun outdoor seating but the atmosphere inside was awesome as well! We loved it because we could stay and hang out after dinner was over. GF options here as well!

  • We recommend:

    • Chicken Tender Melt

    • The Merc Burger

    • Brewpub Nachos

    • Trout Dip


  1. Inbound Brewco- We used to spend all Saturday afternoon here with the pups! They had the garage doors open and we played card games and listened to live music. They always had a food truck outside as well for snacks!

  2. Fulton - This place was a bit more strict with pups, we could have them there but they couldn’t come inside at all.

  3. Modist Brewing - We never brought the pups here, there isn’t outdoor seating. This is a better place is you are looking for hoppy and nitro brewed beers.

Downtown Minneapolis… (about 8 blocks from the North Loop)

  1. Sushi Train - This opened right before we left but there is literally a train of sushi that comes around the whole restaurant and you can pick whatever you want! They have GF options, just make sure you use the menu as a guide for which are and aren’t!

    • We recommend:

      • Red Dragon Roll

      • Volcano Roll

      • Any Sashimi or Nigiri

      • Salmon Avocado Roll

  2. Barrio - hands down some of the best street tacos.. EVER. They have really good sangria and mojitos here! Also, 90% of the tacos can be GF! We always sit at the bar or outside if we can!

    • We recommend:

      • Guac with Chips and Salsa

      • Pacifico Beer Battered Fish Taco

      • Pork Carnitas Taco

      • Ahi Tuna Taco

  3. The Local - Dustin went here for happy hour with his coworkers all the time! We came here for dinner a few times too!

    • We recommend:

      • Chicken Sandwich… Honey Whiskey Glaze.. SO GOOD.

      • Pub Pretzel

      • Chicken Shots.. their version of wings.. but smaller, nonetheless, good!

      • Pot Roast Sandwich

      • Fish & Chips

  4. 508 Bar & Restaurant - SO, only go here for lunch! Apparently at night it turns into a night club, but during the day it’s just a restaurant and it is so yummy!

    • We recommend:

      • Buttermilk Fried Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

      • French Dip

      • Minneapolis Stack Melt.. OH MAN, mouth is watering just thinking about this!

      • Juicy Louie

Now that I am starving, I really hope you enjoy reading this post! It was so fun for us to recall all of our Minneapolis favorites! We feel like we could have put so many others, maybe a part two of this post will be coming your way! Have you been to Minneapolis?!