ABC's Bachelorette Party: Charcuterie Board

Before Colton’s season I had never really watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette, maybe an episode here or a string of episodes there.. but since moving to Boston I have started to watch it with a group of friends I have made here! I like it, but I think I enjoy it because I do themes for each episode! I love a good theme haha I love doing these and I want to share them with you!

I am going to start doing this every week where I share an appetizer that I am bringing to share with everyone. Going forward, I might add in a game or something as well…maybe an outfit?! We will see!

This week is just a simple charcuterie board and seriously, it was a hit!

The board that I used I got from our wedding registry a couple of years ago but I found tons of cute and similar ones from Target.



I got everything on this board from either Target or Trader Joes! But really you can get it all from the same store, I also added a couple of things that I had on hand already! That is sort of the great things about charcuterie boards, you don’t have to follow rules and anything goes. You can use small things you may already have to spice up and bring some color to your board!


What I used:

-Triple Cream Brie Wheel



- Shelled Pistachios

-Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella

-Sharp Cheddar

-Dubliner Aged Cheese

-Chocolate Covered Almonds

-Van’s Gluten Free “the perfect 10” (any type of crackers will work!)


It was so easy and I created a video to show the process, let me know what you think!