Target Finds: Spring Bags

Here we go you guys!

This is the post that I was talking about in my stories the other day. Where Target inspired me(shocker) hahah I was Marco-Polo-ing my mom, its the best app ever especially for me living so far from my family! But I was saying over and over again “this bag is so cute”, “oh my gosh, this bag!!” There were SO many good ones! So I have rounded up allll the cutest Target bags that I could find and put them in one convenient place for you to shop them!

Target Find_ Spring Bags.png

I had a lot of fun putting this together for you all and I hope you like it! Let me know which one is your favorite! Mine is the first one!

ABC's Bachelorette Party: Charcuterie Board

Before Colton’s season I had never really watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette, maybe an episode here or a string of episodes there.. but since moving to Boston I have started to watch it with a group of friends I have made here! I like it, but I think I enjoy it because I do themes for each episode! I love a good theme haha I love doing these and I want to share them with you!

I am going to start doing this every week where I share an appetizer that I am bringing to share with everyone. Going forward, I might add in a game or something as well…maybe an outfit?! We will see!

This week is just a simple charcuterie board and seriously, it was a hit!

The board that I used I got from our wedding registry a couple of years ago but I found tons of cute and similar ones from Target.



I got everything on this board from either Target or Trader Joes! But really you can get it all from the same store, I also added a couple of things that I had on hand already! That is sort of the great things about charcuterie boards, you don’t have to follow rules and anything goes. You can use small things you may already have to spice up and bring some color to your board!


What I used:

-Triple Cream Brie Wheel



- Shelled Pistachios

-Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella

-Sharp Cheddar

-Dubliner Aged Cheese

-Chocolate Covered Almonds

-Van’s Gluten Free “the perfect 10” (any type of crackers will work!)


It was so easy and I created a video to show the process, let me know what you think!

The Perfect Memorial Day Party

Here we go guys! ALLLLL the things you need to have the perfect Memorial Day weekend! I found literally everything you need from what to wear to what you are going to float your happy butt on in the pool!



The inspiration for this set up seriously all started with the cutest cooler there ever was from Dabney Lee. I saw it in Target, had to have it! I had a serious debate on getting the 18-can backpack cooler or the shoulder style. I opted for the backpack because I will use it to go to the beach and the pool all summer! While it is a cooler, it is still super easy to pack a towel, a few drinks and a snack all in one bag and not have to worry about the drinks getting hot.

You guys KNOW I can’t pass up a good theme, the lemons set the plan in motion and I couldn’t be stopped after that! We are having a citrus Memorial Day party and I am HERE. FOR. IT! When I am planning something I like to “shop” from my apartment for a bit before I go buy a ton of stuff. Finding things that I already have usually makes the store a bit less stressful as well.

The plant, glassware, tray and blanket (aka, the shawl of 1000 uses! See inside joke here). All that was left to buy were the lemons, tea, lemonade, and of course Strongbow! Super easy. See the recipe for the boozy Arnold Palmer below!



Boozy Arnold Palmer.png


Target is my go to when it comes to swimming suits! I love that you can mix and match tops and bottoms and they usually fit true to size. Memorial Day Weekend is the first pool weekend for us so it gives me alllll the excuses to get a couple of new suits! I am all about rewearing suits that fit correctly. So usually I find tops and bottoms to go with the ones that I already have. I picked some of the ones that I already own as well as the ones in my cart for next weekend! I also added a few of my choices from Amazon as well!


There were so many cute citrus options when it came to pool floats and other accessories to add to your party for the perfect day! They become decorations without really even having to try. I think they are the perfect addition and I especially love the straws!


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Hi guys!

This is something that I haven’t really done before but I had so much fun putting this together! I think this might be a new thing that I do! All of these things should get to you by Mother’s Day if you order by Tuesday!

State necklace - This is perfect for your mom, especially if you live out of state! For example, I live in Massachusetts, my parents live in Iowa and my sister is moving to Scotland! Its perfect!

Ray Bans - the cutest sunglasses, both my mom and I have these! I got them over a year ago and they are such great quality. They also have free overnight shipping right now!

Derma Roller - This is something that I never thought to get my mom, but if you follow @imperfectlittlemeblog on instagram she is all for it! Amazon Prime for the win!


Kendra Scott necklace - The perfect addition to any look, so dainty! There is a 15% off coupon when you sign up with your email. Order by 5/7 to get in time for Mother’s Day!

Special Delivery Card - The cutest one stop shop for all your card needs. The shop owner is the nicest and most efficient person I have ever worked with on Etsy. My card was shipped about 45 minutes after I placed my order!

Faux Leather Weekender Bag - This is the perfect weekend bag, I took this bag on every trip we did in 2018 and it still looks brand new! Such a steel and perfect for moms that travel a lot! Free two day shipping!

Drunk Elephant Marula Oil and Night Serum - This is the best skincare line that I have found to date! My mom started using this back around Christmas and is hooked! I think that this is the perfect product duo to start off with in the Drunk Elephant line. Free 3 day shipping with orders over $50.

Like I said, I had so much fun putting this together! Especially because my mom helped me come up with things she would want/already has! What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? I would love to know! Did you find the gift guide helpful?

Caribbean All-Inclusive Resort Bucket List

We have been trying to plan our next trip for the past couple of weeks and really looking at all-inclusive resorts. When I am looking for a good deal I always turn to Expedia! It gives us a good idea of how much the whole trip will cost with combining flights and hotels together. Especially when I am looking at all inclusive properties! There are no hidden fees, really. When I started doing research about the Caribbean, I had no idea how pricey some of the islands were! WOWZA.

SIDE NOTE: The whole time I have been writing this post I have had the song “Aruba, Jamaica.. ooooo I wanna take ya.. Burmuda, Bahama come on pretty mama..” stuck in my head hahahah


St. Lucia


Punta Cana


Once I figured out how to get the info across, I actually had fun doing this! I was thinking I could do a Mexico all-inclusive resorts list next! What do you guys think of that?!

5 European Destinations on our Bucket List


When I originally wrote this post it included Greece and London.. check and check! This is one that got lost in the drafts page of the blog and I am so happy I found it! I love learning about where people want to go and why so here is our ever-changing {ever being added to} European bucket list!

1. Germany - This destination has been on my list for as long as I can remember. Dustin has family from Germany and that makes this destination so much more special. There is so much history in this beautiful place. For me, I didn't really enjoy history in school but the history of Germany is one topic that I could learn about all day long! Guys... Cinderella's castle is in Germany!! 

2. Croatia - When we were in Greece we met this couple that had just spent a week in Croatia and they just couldn't stop raving about it. It seemed like every conversation was about this beautiful place! We had never even really heard of it or had thought to put it on our list but after doing a little bit of research we are HOOKED. If you don’t already follow @unlimitedcroatia on instagram and prepare to be add Croatia to your list as well!

3. Austria - I would LOVE to visit this breathtaking country in the winter! But really it is a gorgeous country any time of the year! The Sound of Music really sold this one for me! The gorgeous trees, castles, bridges, buildings, architecture, so amazing! This is another amazing place that is just full of history, which I just love.

4. Iceland - First of all, I had no idea this was a European country but I guess it is🤷‍♀️! This country wasn't on our radar until a couple of months ago. Dustin was explaining the difference between Iceland and Greenland and the meaning behind both of the two names to me.... I mean who knew?? I started looking up information and photos of Iceland and it is beautiful. After seeing those pictures it was immediately on our list. All I can think about is the Blue Lagoon.. so dreamy!


5. Italy - Verona, Rome and Tuscany, oh my!! Literally so many stops in this beautiful country! The list goes on and on, Florance, Naples, the Almafi Coast, Positano. I should stop while I am ahead! I am sure we will need to make a couple of trips to be able to check all of these incredible places off the bucket list! Seriously though, all the movies ever just make this place seem perfect. The Lizzie McGuire Movie(lol), When in Rome, Letters to Julliete, ahhh, so many good ones!

What countries are on your bucket list? Are any of these European destinations on your list? It was really hard to narrow it down but we also realized that as we check these wonderful places off of our lists we get to add new, exciting places to the list! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

Books to read for 2019


One of my New Years resolutions for this year is to read a book a month. For accountability I am adding them to the blog and wanted to share them with you guys! I always feel better when I am reading and I actually think I write better content when I read. I’m not sure if I will go in this order but I will let you guys know when I start and end each one! Who knows, I might even add more to this list. Most of these books are ones that I have bought and then let other things take priority over reading. This list is also such a random assortment!

  1. Girl, Wash Your Face - Everyone and their mom (and my mom) have been recommending this book to me! So it is the first one on my list!

  2. The Devil Wears Prada - I chose this one because I never knew it was a book and I LOVE the movie. It also has really good reviews!

  3. The Joy Of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify - I am very excited about this one, I think with traveling you definitely learn that less is more and your experiences are FAR better than things.

  4. Yes Please - This one has been on my list since it came out a couple of years ago but never pulled the trigger, it will happen this year!

  5. A Stranger in the House - I bought this before we went to Mexico last summer and read my other book first. Its a thriller and to be honest I have never read one.. I will keep you posted!

  6. When Life Gives you Lululemons - This is the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada and I have heard so many good things! Excited for this one!

  7. Not that Kind Of Girl - I have had this book for two years, maybe more.. ITS TIME lol

  8. Red Sparrow - This is another thriller but it sounded very interesting.. It sort of sounds like the movies Salt crossed with Taken lol so we will see how that goes. Plus its a movie so I can watch it after I read it and compare!

  9. Habits of a Happy Brain - this seems like a fun one to me, it has exercises to turn on the chemicals that make you happy.. might be crap, might be great ha we will find out!

  10. Eat, Pray, Love - This is a movie that I haven’t watched in my adult life but when I was searching for books to inspire travel, this came up multiple times. Thus, it made the list.

  11. Girl, Stop Apologizing - the sequel to number one on my list! It comes out on March 12th but you can preorder it here!

  12. Crazy Rich Asians - When this movie first came out I wasn’t actually that interested and then I found out it was based in Singapore and that just intrigued me, because I actually studied abroad in Singapore in college! So I want to read this one before I watch the movie.

I think we will call this the year of actually completing something lol I would like to read the ones I have purchased before going out and buying the ones I don’t have. I can’t wait to make my way through this list! At the end of the year I will do a recap post to review them and hopefully make a list for the following year!

Does anyone want to read these with me? Have you read any of them or have other recommendations?? Let me know if the comments!

(Note: This post may contain affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you use my links to purchase a product but your purchase price does not change.)