Date night in Boston: Aquarium

Date nights are our favorite and if I am being honest most of our date nights happen turn into day dates. I’m not sure but I would put money on us being the most old spirited 24 year olds ever haha. I have mentioned this before but the first thing we did outside of moving into our apartment when we moved to Boston was going to the New England Aquarium and getting season passes so we could visit any time we want to. We love visiting aquariums, zoos and pretty much anywhere we can see/interact with animals. I mean a tortoise entertained us in Athens for a solid 45 minutes.. haha


To start this date night/day date, head to the New England Aquarium, it is right off the blue line and the train stop is literally called “Aquarium”. We basically start from the bottom of the building and work our way up. Right when you walk into the aquarium they will tell you when and where they are doing demos and answering questions for guests about specific animals throughout the day. The staff at the New England Aquarium are so eager to help and make sure that you have the best experience possible. Plus they are going through some updates to add more and more fish and animals for you to see!

We would 100% recommend visiting the aquarium if you are visiting Boston, and if you live here and haven’t been, go! You can easily spend a few hours here(depending on your browsing speed haha). If you go in the morning, you can walk across the street to Legal Seafood for lunch or if you spend the afternoon at the aquarium you can have dinner at Legal Seafood. The best thing about this restaurant is all of the gluten free options that they offer. The majority or their menu is naturally gluten free and they have separate fryers for the foods that do contain gluten. They make sure that they know of your allergy and a manager will bring your food out to you. I love getting the fisherman’s platter as well as the fish and chips. It’s rare that I get fried GF food! Dustin gets gumbo, a lobster roll, crabmeat roll or the lobster bisque(all non GF options). They also have really tasty drinks!