The Perfect Memorial Day Party

Here we go guys! ALLLLL the things you need to have the perfect Memorial Day weekend! I found literally everything you need from what to wear to what you are going to float your happy butt on in the pool!



The inspiration for this set up seriously all started with the cutest cooler there ever was from Dabney Lee. I saw it in Target, had to have it! I had a serious debate on getting the 18-can backpack cooler or the shoulder style. I opted for the backpack because I will use it to go to the beach and the pool all summer! While it is a cooler, it is still super easy to pack a towel, a few drinks and a snack all in one bag and not have to worry about the drinks getting hot.

You guys KNOW I can’t pass up a good theme, the lemons set the plan in motion and I couldn’t be stopped after that! We are having a citrus Memorial Day party and I am HERE. FOR. IT! When I am planning something I like to “shop” from my apartment for a bit before I go buy a ton of stuff. Finding things that I already have usually makes the store a bit less stressful as well.

The plant, glassware, tray and blanket (aka, the shawl of 1000 uses! See inside joke here). All that was left to buy were the lemons, tea, lemonade, and of course Strongbow! Super easy. See the recipe for the boozy Arnold Palmer below!



Boozy Arnold Palmer.png


Target is my go to when it comes to swimming suits! I love that you can mix and match tops and bottoms and they usually fit true to size. Memorial Day Weekend is the first pool weekend for us so it gives me alllll the excuses to get a couple of new suits! I am all about rewearing suits that fit correctly. So usually I find tops and bottoms to go with the ones that I already have. I picked some of the ones that I already own as well as the ones in my cart for next weekend! I also added a few of my choices from Amazon as well!


There were so many cute citrus options when it came to pool floats and other accessories to add to your party for the perfect day! They become decorations without really even having to try. I think they are the perfect addition and I especially love the straws!