5 Things I wish I packed for Greece

When I was packing for Greece it was still fairly cold in Minneapolis, yes it was the end of April but legit there was still snow on the ground. So I was totally ready for all the dresses, bikinis and shorts. I usually pack really well and bring something for every occasion but for Greece it’s like I was so excited to go I lost all common sense when it came to what I put in my suitcase haha… Here are some things that I wish I would have packed, along with one thing I was so glad that I did pack.

Things I wish I had packed:

  • A sweatshirt! It seems simple but I didn’t bring one and it was very chilly at nights, especially when we were on the ATV! It was actually so cold that we bought the typical touristy sweatshirts that say Santorini on them and we paid an unspeakable amount for them haha please avoid this and bring your own sweatshirt. Literally just picture Dustin and I riding on an ATV across Santorini at night with our sweatshirts on hahaha ohhh the memories though.

  • A big hat - I wish I would have brought one, we spent a lot of time at the beach. I am not usually a hat person at all, but I ended up buying one in Mykonos to cover my face. It actually doubled as a photo prop so it was an easy $10 to spend!

  • More rompers/practical clothes - I only packed one romper that wasn’t super dressy and ended up wearing it like 6/11 days we were there. It was perfect to wear because we were getting on and off the ATV and moped the whole time. I wish I would have brought more practical clothing. There was a lot of walking and yes I wanted to look cute but I also needed to be more realistic!

  • A wrap - I ended up buying a wrap because the nights were very chilly! I used this to cover my arms at night and also as a blanket. I also used it to sit on when we would get back to our ATV or moped. The seat would get really hot so I sat on it and no problem! We kept calling it the wrap of many uses because it came in handy so many times!

  • Sunglasses - This might be a no brainer to most people but somehow we both needed them so badly. I luckily brought a pair but Dustin didn’t and ended up buying some while we were there. When we were driving in Santorini there was sand/dirt that would fly into our eyes so the sunglasses helped block that from happening!

What I was so happy that I packed was JEANS! I randomly packed a pair not thinking that I would wear them and I actually wore jeans almost everyday at some point. Mostly to dinner because it was chilly on the islands at night (like I have mentioned 5 times now lol) I was so thankful to have them!

Is there anything that you always have to bring on vacations?! I would love to know!! Let me know in the comments!