Harry Potter London Checklist

When my sister and I visited London last summer we checked off so many Harry Potter bucket list items from our lists. When we were looking for everything that we needed to visit, it didn’t seem like there was one collective list, we needed to find a couple to get the whole list of items! I have created a Harry Potter checklist for you to take on your next trip to London. I will also be creating a map of all of the locations so you can see exactly where you are going and make it very easy to navigate all of these new places for you!

With the time that we had there were some of the places that we didn’t have time to get to. But We did manage to get a lot seen in the time that we had which was so incredible! One of our favorite things was seeing platform 3/4 quarters in Kings Cross Station. There was a line to take a picture with the cart which we opted out of but still fun to see and we spent a ton of time in the shop that was right next to it. We were also surprised to see that it wasn’t on an actual platform it was just in the middle of the station. But in hindsight that makes sense due to traffic control!

St. Paul’s Cathedral and The Millennium Bridge were so fun to walk by and actually went to Millennium Bridge during the day and at night. They are right next to each other so its easy to lump these two together. But we spent a whole afternoon between the two!

These markets were absolutely amazing to walk through, we spend about 3 hours wandering Borough Market one morning and the people watching alone was amazing. Not to mention the music that was playing, the foods and all the delicious smells there were!


Have you been to any of these locations? I would also love to know which Harry Potter movie is your favorite? My is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix!