Mayfield Lavender Field Day Trip From London

When I traveled to London with my sister last summer we had SO many things on our to-do list, we had so much to cram into five days but we did it! Now there are always things that you get home and find out you missed something but all the more reason to go back. We talked a lot about taking a day trip somewhere while we were in London but weren’t sure where to begin and we really wanted to be able to only be gone for the day. After a TON of research, we found this gorgeous lavender field that was only about an hour and 20 minute drive from where we stayed. We were pretty much sold! The photos were gorgeous and we didn’t really need more reason after that to go.

It was in Banstead, England. We left at 10:00 am and were there by 11:20. The Uber ride cost us about $40 there and $40 back. We justified the price because it was $80 for the both of us and originally we planned to leave London for the day all together and that would have cost more. To get in it cost 2.50 euros a person and totally worth it. This gave us access to the fields to take pictures and walk around all day long {which we took full advantage of}.

We ate lunch at their cafe and each got a grilled sandwich of sorts, very yummy and not too expensive. We spent in total probably 5 hours at the lavender fields and it was so much fun to just walk around and enjoy being outside. I will say that we went on a weekday and it was a bit crowded, although the crowd came and went in waves. It says on their website that on the weekends it can be very crowded and they can run out of parking. We were able to get all of the shots that we wanted without people in them. The further we walked to the back of the field, the less people there were around us.

They had a little store that sold so many goodies! Lavender cookies, teas, chocolates, lavender lemonade, so many things! Other things like jams and jellies and homemade items were for sale as well. We bought a bundle of lavender to use as a prop in pictures because you can’t pick the lavender in the field. I think this is great because it allows so many more people to enjoy it!

We were able to take so many pictures here and it was such a fun day. It was also great to be able to relax a little but and get out of the hustle and bustle of London. It was good too because we got home at about 6:30 and we were still able to go explore in the city at night and enjoy our time in London. All in all it was such a fun day and these pictures that we took will honestly last a lifetime and the memories we made there just goofing around! Oh and beware of the bees! Haha they weren’t everywhere in the fields, but there were areas where they would congregate that we avoided.