5 shoes to bring to Disney World

When I started going to Disney World I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when it came to walking. You don’t realize how many times you circle the park until you are back at the hotel for the night begging the person you are with to rub your feet! I always see people at the parks in what seem to be the most uncomfortable shoe possible and I don’t know how they make it through the whole day!

It is so important to choose the right shoes when packing for your trip. I always want to look cute and add Disney touches to my outfits but its not going to come together completely unless it goes with one of the five shoes I am going to share with you guys! I also want to mention that all of these are under $65 and can be worn time and time again, not just at Disney World. They are more than just Disney shoes, for sure.


  1. Reef Flip Flops - I could wear these pretty much all day every day when I am at Disney or even if I am at home. Dustin and I both wear Reefs in the park and have bought them more than once. When I am at Disney I like starting my day in sneakers and then toward the end of the day I like to switch into my flip flops!

  2. Roxy Sneakers - These are hands down the most comfortable sneakers that I own and I don’t know where they have been my whole life. These really feel like you are walking on pillows or like you just have socks on. You can wear them with or without socks and you can just throw them into the wash too clean them! They are so cute and would look too cute with a t-shirt dress!

  3. Keds - Such a classic Disney shoe, plus you can get them in red, I love it! This is a comfortable shoe that will look cute with so many looks and it really brings that Mickey Mouse flare to any outfit you come up with. Not only do they have red but they have black, white, grey, you name it they have it.

  4. Brash Sneakers - I found these on Amazon and bought them on a whim just to try them. I LOVE them! They also come in quite a few colors and have a fun detail that sets them apart from the traditional sneaker. I really like the tie detailing and they were surprisingly reliable throughout the day at the parks!

  5. Nike Sneakers - These were the shoes that I brought to my very first Disney World trip way back in high school. These were great and I wore them all day everyday and we went to parks for 5 days in a row. Now that I have been more times, I find it better to switch shoes and give different shoes a break but they were good and would be more than comfortable for 2-3 days.

These are the five shoes that I have {successfully} worn to Disney World and have survived those miles of walking without taking breaks or stopping because my feet were killing me. I have tried so many shoes and narrowed it down to the best! I would love to know if you have tried other shoes that you think could be on my list! Let me know if you have!