Review of Disney's All Star Movie Resort

I have mentioned before that it is one of our goals to be able to stay at every single one of the Disney resorts in our lifetime and so far we have only done two but I already have a favorite! Here is a breakdown of our honest thoughts of Disney’s All Star Movie Resort


I don’t think the service could have been better. This trip we were on was our honeymoon and they treated us so well. I mean we haven’t really ever had a bad customer service experience with Disney cast members before but the staff at Disney’s All Star Movie Resort were great! For this trip, we stayed for 11 nights and we opted out of their cleaning services. For this we received a $150 Disney gift card to as we wished. It was only the two of us and we aren’t very messy. Plus they will bring us anything we need(toilet paper, fresh towels, etc.) whenever we call and ask for it. They were very attentive with bringing us anything.

This is a Disney wide thing but one of our favorite perks is the Disney’s Magical Express that will come get you from the airport free of charge and take you to your resort as well as take you from your resort back to the airport. I think that this is a great perk and really adds to the quality of their service. 


The room was pretty standard, the room that we were in had a King size bed and it was about a 3 minute walk to get to the main building. This was perfect because everything that we needed what in that main building, food, gift shop, customer service, the busses ran from that building. It was nice to be so close to it. 

The room came with Disney’s shampoo, conditioner and body wash and we never had issues with running out of warm water. The wi-fi was free in each room and there was also a TV, mini-fridge, iron and a safe which we kept our passports in! One thing we wish there was is a microwave but there hasn’t been one at either of the Disney resorts we have stayed at so far. This would be nice to have for breakfast foods if you brought your own but I understand that they are trying to persuade you to eat in the food court. 

We enjoyed our room for what it was and how often we were actually in the room. If you’ve been to Disney/do Disney the way we do(non-stop going, going, going) then all that will matter is to have a place to rest your head, and feet at night, with the quickest transport to and from the parks. Which this definitely checked all of those boxes for us!


So the World Premier Food Court has many options and we were pretty satisfied with the amount of times we actually ate there which was quite a bit considering how long we were there. The World Premier Food Court is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks. They have the Specialty Shop, The Grill Shop, The Pizza Shop and the Ice Cream Shop. The GF options were pretty standard for Disney, GF chicken nuggets, cheeseburger on a GF bun, GF French fries and some other options at the Specialty Shop like chicken breast with mashed potatoes, Mahi Mahi, and Flank Steak. The Pizza shop was also great, and Dustin’s favorite! TIP: If you are going to get a pizza from the food court, don’t order just a slice. Get a whole pizza, you get more bang for your buck and you will have leftovers for later!

They also have the Silver Screen Spirits Pool Bar, where you can grab a drink and sit next to the pool! They have over 20 options to choose from ranging from $7-$13. 

They have the store at the front of the resort where you can purchase merchandise that you can get in the parks, food, snacks, beverage and things like medicine. This was so helpful! Over the span of the 11 days that we were there that came in handy for things like ibuprofen and a tide to go stick!

Lastly, you can order pizza to your room from 5:00pm-1:00am, this has come in handy a couple of times. 


They have two pools, the Fantasia Pool and the Duck Pond pool. The Fantasia pool is right off the main building and closest to the bar. Most of the time there is a cast member playing games, doing trivia or some other sort of interactive entertainment. The Duck Pond pool is much more relaxed and there are less people there as well. 

For kiddos, they have a playground the arcade to play in. Dustin and I (even as adults) can spend a morning in the arcade easily, there are plenty of games to enjoy. 

The last thing that they do, and probably one of my favorites is that they play movies at night. Its called “Movies Under the Stars”, its fun because it’s a different Disney movie every night and you get to unwind while being outside enjoying a movie. You can grab a snack from the food court and then pick a spot in their movie room to enjoy your favorite Disney movie! 

Busses/Travel times

We found that it varies from park to park obviously due to location but really nothing more the 10-20 minutes and it all makes it worth while when you don’t have to park your car, take the tram to the entrance and blah blah blah depending on which park you are visiting. 

We always say that we will always stay in a Disney Resort just for the bus system. It honestly makes your life so much easier. We also have never had a problem with a bus not being there to pick us up, usually there is a person working where you are and they are communicating with dispatch to let them know where busses need to be to pick guest up that have been waiting. If you have the My Disney Experience App you know when the bus is coming to your destination and you can plan accordingly! 

Overall Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere for us was perfect for us, we loved it and would stay here again. It was less crowded than the All Star Music Resort and we really liked that aspect. We have only been to two of the resorts so far but this was our favorite. In our opinion we enjoyed the All Star Movie resort more for its decorations and that sort of thing. Like I mentioned before, it’s so convenient and we are all about that!