Announcing your Destination Wedding

I am back with another destination wedding post! Today’s post is all about how to announce to your guests that you are having a destination wedding. For different couples this is going to mean different things. We had a destination wedding where we had 30 guests. For other couples this could mean that they have to coordinate just a few family members or maybe they will be coordinating 50-60 people. Everyone’s situations are going to be different but the idea behind it is the same.

We sent an initial invite that in a way laid out the options that the guests had. We had our destination wedding and then a reception back home in Iowa that would be much closer to everyone that wouldn’t make it to the destination.


Here are 4 things you want to convey with this initial invite:

  1. You want them to know that you are sending this out very far in advance so they have time to prepare for a trip they didn’t necessarily know they would be taking. We made sure to send these well over a year in advance.

  2. Giving the guest the option to travel. We wanted to make sure our guests that were receiving this initial invite felt no pressure to travel to our wedding and that there would be time to celebrate at a later date closer to home.

  3. Giving the guests as many details as possible. With it being so far out, there WILL be details that you don’t know yet. But having things like dates you want/need the guests to be there, a small run down of the week/weekend, and what to expect from you next.

  4. Make sure that it is clear that you need a response somewhat soon. The sooner you know how many guests are traveling to your destination wedding, the easier it is to nail down details and confirm prices with vendors.

Below is the letter that we sent to our guests, I hope this is helpful! We wrote and rewrote this letter quite a few times to make sure all of the information was conveyed and clear.


I hope that you really enjoyed this post, I feel like when we were planning our wedding, there wasn’t a whole lot of specific information for us out there about destination weddings. So I am just going to share allll the information we learned and hope it helps someone else and makes their planning experience a bit easier.