5 Reasons to stay on Disney Property

We love visiting Disney World and we love staying on property to enjoy all of the benefits that they have to offer guests! Here are some of my top reasons to staying at a Disney resort rather than off property at a resort nearby.

  1. If you fly into Orlando rather than drive, the Disney’s Magical Express will pick you up and drop you off to your resort for free. They will also take your luggage right to your room for you. No need to pay for an Uber or another car service to get you to the resort!

  2. Extra Magic Hours! When you stay at a Disney resort, you get to enjoy an extra hour in a park where only Disney resort guests are in the parks. This means shorter lines and you can check off things on your list before the park actually opens! You can find the "Extra Magic Hours” calendar, here!

  3. The 60 day in advance fast pass section rule. If you stay on Disney property you get to choose your fast passes 60 days before your trip rather than 30 days. You will also be able to choose all of the days you are at the parks on the first day. When you stay off property, you will have to get up each morning and pick fast passes for 30 days out.

  4. Disney Bus Transportation will take you literally anywhere within the property that you might want to go. If you are going to have dinner in Disney Springs, the buss will take you there. If you are spending the day at Blizzard Beach, the bus will take you there.

  5. The magic and the happiness doesn’t stop once you leave the parks. I like to think of Disney World as this happy magic bubble and honestly, I don’t want it to end when I am there. When you are done at the parks for the day and you get on the bus at night to get back to your resort, the bus driver is happy and ready to make your ride enjoyable. When you get back to your resort, there are happy faces waiting to see if you need anything before you call it a night. Lastly, for the most part, even the guests are happier than they would be staying off property!

The rooms on property might cost a bit more than staying off property but once you add in renting a car, paying parking each day at the parks and all in all, the lack of convince to drive and park and find a spot each day, and subtract the stress, the cost will even itself out. What is your favorite reason to stay on property?