10 Tips for Animal Kingdom

10 Tips for Animal Kingdom


After I created my Tips for Magic Kingdom post, I got to thinking that I have tips for all four of the parks! Animal Kingdom is such a fun park, they have great food, its basically a zoo combined with an amusement park and the shows are so much fun to watch {Just to name a few}. We love that there are so many different types of food, sort of like Epcot but different in my opinion.

  1. If you are unable to get a fast pass for Flight of Passage, go get in line around lunch time(between 12:00-12:30 when everyone is getting food! Opt for an early or late lunch or you can bring a snack in line.

  2. Get a fast pass for Kilimanjaro Safari in the morning, the animals are more active. This is what we do when we go. I have also heard that they are active around dusk but I have never actually tried it yet, maybe next time!

  3. Skip Pizzafari, there are so many good reviews for this restaurant but neither Dustin or I enjoyed our food. We actually ended up not eating it and getting dinner elsewhere.

  4. During the light show on the water at night, ride Expedition Everest! Usually everyone is watching the show and last time we were there we were able to ride it four times in a row by going in the single rider line. I also think that it feels like you are going faster at night!

  5. Take some time looking at the Tree of Life! There are over 300 animals that are carved into the tree and really cool to look at. If you walk around the Discovery Island Trails you can see them up close!

  6. If you weren’t able to get fast passes for The Festival of the Lion King, that’s okay! Usually the wait in the afternoon(around 3:00pm) isn’t too long and it is a great way to escape the heat. It’s also one of my favorite shows in all of the parks!

  7. The Starbucks at Animal Kingdom is called Creature Comforts and it is located on Discovery Island. We like to get coffee here to start the day off!

  8. The fast passes that I recommend getting are:

    1. Flight of Passage

    2. Kilimanjaro Safari

    3. Expedition Everest

  9. If you want to ride Kali River Rapids, or any water ride for that matter, bring a zip lock baggy so you can put your cell phone in it to stay dry! Usually on hot days your clothes will dry fairly quickly, but if you are worried you can bring a pancho as well.

  10. For my gluten free friends, we had a really hard time finding breakfast at Animal Kingdom. I ended up having babybel cheese and fresh fruit from the Harambe Fruit Market. I recommend eating at the resort!

I hope you enjoy these tips and learned something you didn’t know before! As always, if you have any questions at all feel free to ask! I am happy to help!