48 hours in Seattle

For our 1 year anniversary, Dustin surprised me with a short weekend getaway to Seattle. Seattle is a place that we had both wanted to go but just didn’t think it was in the cards for us this year. Usually I am the one who does a lot of the planning but it was so much fun to be able to take the backseat to this trip and just enjoy it! It was such a fun trip and seriously so unexpected!

Where we stayed

Dustin used our Expedia points to book our hotel. TIP: If you aren’t using something like Expedia or Hotels.com to earn rewards you are basically losing money! We stayed at Inn at the Market and it was literally RIGHT in the middle of everything that we wanted to do. We were like a block away from Pike Place Market and it was perfect. It was also so cute! I should have gotten pictures of our room, I really need to remember to do that going forward! The hotel staff were so helpful with recommendations for food. Most hotels do this now but they held our luggage while we explored because our room wasn’t ready and then again on Sunday when we checked out.

Where we ate

-Lunch at Zeek’s Pizza.. OH SO GOOD. I got the pizza called the Weekend Hippie.. Drool! Also, we got Cider flights and they were also good! We loved the first three on this list but the last was not for us lol

-Appetizers at Fisherman’s Restaurant on Pier 57, crab cakes and the calamari were the bomb diggity.. anyone else still say that? No? Just me?? Moving on…

-Drinks at The Diller Room, it was a cool atmosphere with tasty drinks but it did get crowded quickly! The bartender at Fisherman’s Restaurant actually told us to go here while we were getting appetizers! TIP: Always ask the locals where they go, they know best!

-More drinks… After The Diller Room we walked up the street a bit to this Kereoke bar called the Blarney Stone Pub and Restaurant. Honestly, it was one of our most fun nights ever! We watched people sing karaoke and played pool all night and had bar food/snacks for dinner. It was just fun! Speaking of karaoke.. does anyone else think of Baby Mama every time they say Karaoke… haha

-Coffee at the original Starbucks of course! We collect the “You are Here” mugs from Starbucks, its a fun way to remember where we have been with our morning coffee. Sadly ours broke in our recent move so it looks like we’re going to have to go back.. ;)

-Breakfast at Seatown Seabar, we had a really late breakfast, I’d like to thank the karaoke... I had the biscuits and gravy and Dustin had the crab cakes Benedict(noticing a trend for his breakfast choices?) lol ;) But they were both delicious.

-Lunch/Dinner… Because we had such a late breakfast we had an early dinner at Cantina de San Patricio, YUM. We had enchiladas and chips with guac! It was fun, we sat outside and just people watched(our favorite)

What we did

-Pike Place Market.. I could literally spend all day at markets. I love them, the beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and veggies, the hustle and bustle. Its so much fun! It was also cool because most of the venders in the market would ship what you bought back to your house. So you could get a fish and they would mail it to you lol

-Wings over Washington - If you have been to Disney World or Disneyland then its like Soarin’! It was really cool and I recommend doing it! It is a simulator ride but we still really loved it.

-Centennial Park.. we rented the Lime bikes and went to the Centennial park, it was a peaceful getaway right in the middle of the city with such pretty views of the water! Plus there were the cutest dogs everywhere.

-Gum wall.. definitely something to see but tbh…it was gross lol.. the smell was a bit much for me. But when we were on this trip someone told us that they have to completely clean the wall about every 6 months but I’ve also read that its only been cleaned once.. either way.. GROSS. Anyone know the actual answer?

-Chihuly Garden and Glass, we aren’t usually people who go into museums but this one intruged us. It was a blown glass museum and now every time we see blown glass anywhere we look at each other and say Chihuuuuuuuuuly in our most proper accents.. its a thing now and I don’t think we could stop saying it even if we tried lol

-Seattle Aquarium.. Dustin and I love anything having to do with animals.. zoos, aquariums, petting zoos, deer on the side of the road.. our dogs *insert cry laugh face*, ANYWHO…. but it was such a good one! If you have the time, definitely add the aquarium to your list, it was so so good. Just to be clear on how much we love aquariums.. the first thing we did in Boston when we moved here was buy a membership to the Aquarium haha

-Space Needle.. SO here’s the thing. I did not enjoy being in the space needle on a windy and rainy day. It was a bit terrifying and I am not usually scared of heights. But, we went in anyways.. it was alright. We probably wouldn’t pay to go in it again but if you’ve never been and its in the budget, knock your self out. We paid I think $30 each and were up there for like 10 minutes and that is including the ride in the elevator both up and down and waiting in line to get on the elevator in the air.

-The MoPOP museum, we didn’t go in but we took full advantage of the pink/purple-ish wall outside of the building. Once we got back to the hotel I looked into what it was and I really wish we would have gone in! It looks awesome. If you’ve been let me know in the comments if you liked it!

-Seattle’s Great Wheel.. we actually bought these tickets in combination with Wings over Washington. I think it was like 15 for the ferris wheel and 10 for Wings Over Washington. The ferris wheel was cool but again it was cloudy, so we couldn’t see very far. Definitely go if it’s a sunny day!

We packed SO much stuff into 48 hours but it was so worth it! It was also awesome because everything was pretty close and we really didn’t have to walk very far to get next to the destination on the list. We will have to go back though because we found more things we wanted to go after we left lol (doesn’t that always happen)?! Have you been to Seattle? What did we miss?! Let us know in the comments!