Minneapolis Food Guide

Hold on guys, this is a long one! But it was pretty cool to write! Dustin and I sat down to write this and it was so fun to reminisce for sure! Leaving Minneapolis was bittersweet, but dang we have some good memories(most of which include food) hahaha

North Loop Restaurants

  1. Red Cow - You know how sometimes popcorn stores or donut stores will pipe the smell out into the air and it makes you want it more?! Well I swear Red Cow does this with their French fries because we were there way more than we would like to admit! We couldn’t stay away! We loved getting appetizers here! But the burgers are way good too! OH and their brunch!! They have many GF options here!

    • We recommend:

      • Ahi Tuna Crisps

      • Braised Beef & Beer Cheese Poutine

      • 60/40 Burger - SO GOOD

      • Fish Tacos

2. Black Sheep - They have the best GF Pizza! We used to place an order online and then walk to pick it up with Oscar and Moose!

  • We recommend:

    • House Salad, sounds basic but on another level good!

    • Pepperoni Pizza, again, basic but SO good!

    • Oyster Mushroom, Smoked Mozzarella, Rosemary & Garlic (my fave!)

3. Red Rabbit - We love going here for Bruch on Saturday or Sunday, bottomless mimosas, need I say more?! I will say though that their menu changes often, so these things might not be there. Even though we’ve never had a bad meal here! Also, they do accommodate for GF!

  • We recommend:

    • Sweet Chili Pizza

    • Pork Belly Breakfast Tacos

    • Warm Cinnamon Brownie with Ice Cream

..are you sensing a theme with the pick a color.. pick an animal .. make a restaurant?! Hahaha Moving on…

4. Edwards Dessert Kitchen - They are a bar that sells amazing desserts with the coolest atmosphere. We loved going here after we would go out to dinner! GF options here too!

  • We recommend:

    • Salted Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookie

    • Curried Scotcheroo

    • Milk Chocolate Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

    • White Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream

5. The Freehouse Minneapolis- We came here a lot for dinner and drinks, they had fun outdoor seating but the atmosphere inside was awesome as well! We loved it because we could stay and hang out after dinner was over. GF options here as well!

  • We recommend:

    • Chicken Tender Melt

    • The Merc Burger

    • Brewpub Nachos

    • Trout Dip


  1. Inbound Brewco- We used to spend all Saturday afternoon here with the pups! They had the garage doors open and we played card games and listened to live music. They always had a food truck outside as well for snacks!

  2. Fulton - This place was a bit more strict with pups, we could have them there but they couldn’t come inside at all.

  3. Modist Brewing - We never brought the pups here, there isn’t outdoor seating. This is a better place is you are looking for hoppy and nitro brewed beers.

Downtown Minneapolis… (about 8 blocks from the North Loop)

  1. Sushi Train - This opened right before we left but there is literally a train of sushi that comes around the whole restaurant and you can pick whatever you want! They have GF options, just make sure you use the menu as a guide for which are and aren’t!

    • We recommend:

      • Red Dragon Roll

      • Volcano Roll

      • Any Sashimi or Nigiri

      • Salmon Avocado Roll

  2. Barrio - hands down some of the best street tacos.. EVER. They have really good sangria and mojitos here! Also, 90% of the tacos can be GF! We always sit at the bar or outside if we can!

    • We recommend:

      • Guac with Chips and Salsa

      • Pacifico Beer Battered Fish Taco

      • Pork Carnitas Taco

      • Ahi Tuna Taco

  3. The Local - Dustin went here for happy hour with his coworkers all the time! We came here for dinner a few times too!

    • We recommend:

      • Chicken Sandwich… Honey Whiskey Glaze.. SO GOOD.

      • Pub Pretzel

      • Chicken Shots.. their version of wings.. but smaller, nonetheless, good!

      • Pot Roast Sandwich

      • Fish & Chips

  4. 508 Bar & Restaurant - SO, only go here for lunch! Apparently at night it turns into a night club, but during the day it’s just a restaurant and it is so yummy!

    • We recommend:

      • Buttermilk Fried Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

      • French Dip

      • Minneapolis Stack Melt.. OH MAN, mouth is watering just thinking about this!

      • Juicy Louie

Now that I am starving, I really hope you enjoy reading this post! It was so fun for us to recall all of our Minneapolis favorites! We feel like we could have put so many others, maybe a part two of this post will be coming your way! Have you been to Minneapolis?!