Our Favorite spots in Disney Springs

Dustin and I love visiting Disney World but we also love Disney Springs! If you have ever visited, and have seen the hot air balloon flying over the lake, that is our favorite spot. We got married in that hot air balloon! Almost all of the places that are our favorite spots are from the week of our wedding. When we went back this past Christmas we visited some of them again and we were just so happy! Disney really is our happy place! Here are some of our favorite spots in Disney Springs!

  1. Raglan Road - We had brunch here with all of our friends and family just minutes after we got married! Its such a fun spot, they have live music and its just an energetic atmosphere, all day long! For brunch we recommend the Eggs Benedict or the Steak and Eggs, both are good and you can’t go wrong with either! As for dinner, get the Seafood Gnocchi or the Bison Burger! Absolutely fantastic. For reference, I can’t EVER finish a burger, there is alllllways some of it leftover and I DEVOURED IT. lol it was GONE! They also have great ciders!

  2. Boathouse - This is one that we just visited for the first time around Christmas and we fell in love with it! The lobster bisque is LIFE CHANGING. Like seriously we dream of that stuff. The staff was so awesome, too. With my gluten allergy the chef came out and chatted with me about what was safe and what wasn't, but we actually ended up talking for about 10 minutes about how we can make the lobster bisque at home! He was so nice! Our meals were also great, I had the prime rib sliders which were so good and Dustin had the Grilled Mahi Mahi tacos! We will definitely be back considering we have been dreaming of the lobster bisque ever since we had it!

  3. Morimoto - Very yummy! We really liked this place and we liked their appetizers even more! The Seafood Pizza, Toro Tartare, and the Kanikama Rangoons! We also loved the Toro sashimi.. like melt in your mouth so good. Now we order it everywhere we go and it had never been the same since! As for the rest of our meal we just got a couple of sushi rolls that did not disappoint! I will say though that we ate here before my gluten allergy so I am not 100% sure which of their menu items are GF or not!

  4. Splitsville - We actually had our wedding reception here and it was perfect! Great food and we got to bowl and play pool. We loved the pizzas and sushi! This is another place though that we visited before my gluten allergy. When we did come back after I had my allergy, there were very, very limited options.

  5. Wine Bar George - Such a great atmosphere! We just got a bottle of wine and just hung out at the bar for a few hours after dinner one night. It was fun to people watch and talk to the bar tender. They also had more seating upstairs that is a little more relaxed. The Wine Bar has a few snack options too like charcuterie boards and other small plates!

  6. Paradiso 37 - Three words, Baja Fish Tacos… SO SO GOOD, like so good we both got them! We also had a super tasty pitcher of the sangria! We split chips and guac for an appetizer which was delish. We sat at the bar because there was a really long wait for a table and we actually enjoyed sitting at the bar and watching everything happen around us! Anyone else people watchers out there? haha

We seriously love Disney Springs and all that it has to offer, when we plan our trips we like to make sure that we have at least half a day if not more to explore and just enjoy some time in Disney Springs! Have you been? What are your favorite spots in Disney Springs? We love trying new places!