Gluten Free at Epcot

Before I left for Epcot I was trying to find all the sources I could to know what I was able to eat at Epcot, but honestly I didn’t find too many answers. So when we were there next I wanted to make sure I could find as much info for myself and to share with you guys. Of course I always suggest that you check when you are there just to be sure nothing has changed. There are some countries that I didn’t get food at or ask for the allergy menu but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask because they are very eager to help you. The countries I didn’t get to were Norway, Outpost, Morocco ( they did say that they had gluten free options available at Spice Road Table but I would need to talk to a chef, so just ask!), the United Kingdom and Canada.


We had lunch at La Cantina de San Angel, my three options on the menu were Tacos de Barbacoa and Tacos de Pollo. I had the Tacos de Barbacoa and it was so so good and I didn’t get suck! To drink I had the Mexican Sangria which I would also recommend!



I didn’t eat here but I did ask what the gluten free options were at Nine Dragons Restaurant and they told me that I could have the Vegetarian Stir fry. Again, I didn’t have it but this is what I was told. I also had the cotton candy from The House of Good Fortune! It was pretty tasty!


I had a gluten free bratwurst from Sommerfest in Germany, the brat itself was delicious but the bun was a bit dry. But usually that’s how it goes when it comes to gluten free options for bread. I just added mustard and sauerkraut and it was alright!


This is another country that I didn’t eat anything in but I did ask to see their allergy menu at Via Napoli and wow, there were so many options! They had a couple of appetizers and salads as well as pasta dishes like Penne Caprese and Fusilli Napoletana. I added the photo that I took so that you can see the menu for yourself!



At the Liberty Inn I ate a cheeseburger with French fries and it was a pretty basic meal but still good! They also had gluten free hot dogs and chicken nuggets. The bun on my burger though was a good gf bun so that is a start! It wasn’t one of the super dry ones that you can find at other restaurants.



I had a macaroon from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie that was delish and such a fun treat. I talked to one of the chefs and there were two macaroon options that they offered that were gluten free and I got the raspberry macaroon.


We ate dinner at Teppen Edo and they were so knowledgeable of my allergy and aware of what to do. We ate at the hibachi grill and they made all of my food first and then cooked other food for the rest of the table. I also had my own gluten free soy sauce. 10/10 would recommend eating here!