5 Fall Bucket List Destinations for New England

I always love writing bucket list posts because they let me get to dream and plan and get excited about the possibilities of traveling! When we moved to Boston last year we couldn’t wait to see all of the leaves changing and take in all of those fall views. But honestly we moved mid October and with moving and getting settled, those leaves got away from us and we didn’t really get to see any of them.

  1. Bar Harbor, ME - This has been on my list pretty much since we got to Boston. If you look at photos of this wonderful place, it looks like another destination that you would want to visit in each season because it has so much to offer. If/when we visit I want to stay a Balance Rock Inn. It seriously looks like the most perfect cozy and romantic spot. They are pet friendly, have a cozy fire pit and are right on the water! It’s so dreamy- add in the fall leaves and you have yourself a romantic weekend getaway!

  2. Wilmington, VT - We spent a weekend here at the beginning of the summer and it was absolutely gorgeous, we took our drone and flew it over the billions of trees and got some really cool footage. You can read more about that trip, here. But the whole time we were there Dustin and I talked about visiting again in the fall when all of the leaves would be firefly oranges and reds. For this trip I would 100% stay in the house that we stayed at in the summer. I will link the VRBO house, here!

  3. Salem, MA - Salem has been on my bucket list since I was a little kid, I’m sure its on yours as well if you’ve ever seen Hocus Pocus. I’m not a huge Halloween person, not a huge fan of scary movies or being scared for that matter. But the architecture and leaves and charm that Salem has in the fall is just too irresistible! We will be visiting this fall, its only a 25 minute drive from us! If we were further, we would stay over night in Salem. I would want to stay at The Salem Inn, its adorable and pet friendly which is a huge plus for us. The “to-do” list in Salem seems pretty long but I will have a better list once we visit and I will link that post here once its done!

  4. Stonington, CT - This town has been on my list since before we moved to New England because of the Inn at Stonington. This Inn popped up on my radar a while back and I have wanted to visit ever since. There is something so beautiful about fall near water and this town is on the ocean! There are TONS of restaurants and wineries to visit that are right by it! Not to mention the museums, art and history that fills the town. This is absolutely high a must add to your bucket list this fall!

  5. Mount Washington, NH - I would love to visit the Omni Mount Washington Resort. This is the mac daddy of weekend getaways lol, the amount of activities that this gorgeous hotel provides for its guests is unbelievable. The resort is tucked in between a billion trees that turn shades of red and orange in the fall. The resort has so many restaurant options, shopping and spa options to enjoy your weekend away. It’s the perfect weekend getaway to relax and enjoy the changing of season!