Mykonos Travel Diary

Getting There

We took a boat with Direct Ferries and then once we arrived on the island, our hotel had a car waiting for us. We just had to call the day before to let them know when we would be arriving. And there were actually more people on the boat with us that were going to our hotel! I put a lot of tips for Direct ferries in this post here!

Where we stayed

We booked all three of our hotels through, we usually use if we are not staying at the same hotel for the whole trip and I think that always gives us the best deals! If we were to stay at the same hotel, we would buy a flight/hotel combo through Expedia! We stayed at Hotel Poseidon and we LOVED IT! It was honestly my favorite hotel of the three in Greece.. with Santorini being a CLOSE second. This hotel had jaw dropping views of the windmills and the ocean! We also loved their hotel bar and pool area. They had great seating and you could order lunch and/or drinks at the pool bar, too! The room we stayed in was gorgeous and we loved the balcony that we had, perfect for morning coffee and the sunrise. They had a HUGE buffet for breakfast! Literally anything you could think of, it was there. Seriously, they had things like eggs, sausages, potatoes, all the fruit in the world, oatmeal, yogurt..mmm…greek yogurt… The staff was so nice and eager to help us with anything that we needed. One of the days that we were there we got caught in the pouring rain and stopped in the front office and the receptionist was like “oh no, you are soaking wet! Let me get you a couple of towels”! We didn’t even need to ask!

Island Vibe

We loved the vibe on Mykonos, before we got there we had heard things like it’s such a party island and that it’s crowded and loud. We aren’t big partiers so we were a little worried about it. Thankfully we didn’t experience anything like that! Not sure if that’s because the island isn’t that way or just because it was May when we were there. Mykonos in my mind was exactly what I had pictured Santorini to be, which was odd. But we loved the beaches, the town and the little shops. Everyone was so friendly, we loved talking to the shop owners to learn a little about them! One thing that happened to us a few times while we were in town was that we kept feeling like we were somewhere we shouldn’t be. Really, you can walk anywhere! I think we kept feeling like that because the paths would get narrower and narrower the more we would get in to houses rather than shops. But these narrow passes are where we got our best pictures. Don’t be afraid to explore and get lost!

Where we ate

Sea Satin Market - MEH. It looks like it’s going to be a really great restaurant but its WAY overpriced, and the service was sub-par. We planned on staying for dinner but only ended up getting a couple of appetizers. Yes, they have a great view, but the view can be seen from outside the restaurant for free.

Nice N Easy - We had lunch here one day and it was great! It had a really nice view of the ocean and we ate outside. This was one of those restaurants where they had someone standing outside and they sort of just pull you in and persuade you to eat at the restaurant. You can read more about that here!

Sushi Med Mykonos - you guys…they put canned tuna in our sushi roll.. We totally had to choke the roll down because the waitress was so nice. We felt bad leaving having eaten almost nothing, but we knew the island was full of good food and we weren’t going to waste a dinner there!

Casa di Giorgio - We got the 4-cheese pizza with white sauce and OH MAN was it good, LIFE CHANGING. We also had many a glasses of Sangria and I think it was the best I have ever had. I’m pretty much sangria connoisseur and it was SO good.

D’Angelo Restaurante - So nice you have to say it twice… kidding, but we did eat there twice. It was that good! The Formaggi pizza.. bomb! The spinach ravioli was also amazing. Just watch out for the lemonchello they serve you at the end… haha it is definitely an acquired taste that neither of us ..acquired

Porto Ornos Greek Cucine - This place was on the beach that we went to one day.. I will tell you more later! But the food was excellent. We sat outside and it was delicous!

Trio Bambini- We got ice cream here one day and it was very good! We walked by it so often and finally went in on our last day there! They had a cute outdoor seating area and cute decor and it sucked us in!

Getting Around

We rented a moped while we were on the island for two of the three days and it cost 40 euros for two days. The name of the place was Mihalis - Rent a bike, it was perfect because it was up the road, maybe a 3 minute walk from our hotel! The guy that owned it was very straight forward. It was a fast process and took cash. We had to leave our ID there until we took the moped back. We preferred a moped because the streets were so narrow! He told us where to get gas and not to take it into town. Quick and painless!

Sites to see

Windmills of Kato Mili - We could actually see this from our hotel which was super cool!

Cape Mykonos- This is a hotel, but the beach attached to it was great(which has no name, blahhh)! It was right up the road from our hotel in the opposite direction from the town. It was quiet and there were really only a couple of other people on the beach!

Ornos Beach- This is a beach that we took the afternoon to go to, it was like a 10-15 minute ride on the moped. Nice sand and lots of restaurants around there to eat at, this is when we ate at Porto Ornos Greek Cucine. This beach was a bit more crowded though!

We spent so much time walking through all of the shops in the little town! They had everything from like mom and pop shops to Louis Vuitton! You could spend days here.. we did! Not to mention the million pops of bright colors from the flowers that were everywhere! It was gorgeous!


-During the morning, it can get really crowded because of the people getting off of cruise ships, it was crowded from like 9:00am to 1:00pm.

-The locals would drive their mopeds around in the little streets, so watch out for that! Otherwise you might find yourself being honked at lol

Every time we talk about our entire Greece trip I always say, “I seriously loved Mykonos so much!” Don’t get me wrong, I loved Athens and Santorini too, but something about Mykonos just makes me so so excited! I hope this helps you guys when you are planning your trips to Greece! Please comment or email me if you have any other questions, I love hearing from you!