8 things we learned while traveling in Greece

  1. Resturants aren't accustomed to bringing you the check right away, so you will need to ask for it. We found this to be nice because it taught us to slow down and enjoy our time at each place. I think this made meals more like small experiences, and we made sure to make the best of them.

2. Be sure to bring shoes that have traction with you to Greece. Pro tip: put hot glue on the bottoms of your sandals(the glue will peel off when you get home)! The steps on the cliff side and around the towns are slippery in Mkyonos and Santorini, especially Oia where the walk way is marble!


3. In Athens, there are people who will walk up to you and compliment you and then give you something for free and say it’s free and then try to convince you into giving them money. Also if they say they have change for you, they probably don't. They sell things like flowers and homemade bracelets. We only saw them in the square next to the metro station.

4. In Mykonos and Santorini we recommend renting either an ATV or a moped. We wouldn't have been able to see half of the things we did had we not got these. BUT, BE CAREFUL when you are driving! Also, moped in Mykonos and ATV in Santorini, the moped was 30 euros for two days and the ATV was 60 euros for two days!

5. Almost every restaurant will have a staff member standing at the entrance and their job is to entice you to come in and it usually works, even if you had plans elsewhere! If you aren't feelin' what they have just repeatedly say thank you and move on. 

6. Even though everything is beautiful at night, make sure you are watching where you are walking in addition to looking at those amazing views (I can’t even tell you how many times my husband almost fell down steps because he was looking at the ocean) lol 

7. in Athens, make sure you never put anything on the table including things like your phone, wallet, keys.. people are walking around looking for things to steal/take from you. Luckily most of the workers at the restaurants are looking out for you. Moral of the story, keep your belongings close! 

8. Bring jeans and a cardigan because it will be cold at nights(even in mid-may). There wasn’t one restaurant that didn’t offer us blankets though, so don’t let the wind steer you away from sitting on the rooftop!