5 European Destinations on our Bucket List


When I originally wrote this post it included Greece and London.. check and check! This is one that got lost in the drafts page of the blog and I am so happy I found it! I love learning about where people want to go and why so here is our ever-changing {ever being added to} European bucket list!

1. Germany - This destination has been on my list for as long as I can remember. Dustin has family from Germany and that makes this destination so much more special. There is so much history in this beautiful place. For me, I didn't really enjoy history in school but the history of Germany is one topic that I could learn about all day long! Guys... Cinderella's castle is in Germany!! 

2. Croatia - When we were in Greece we met this couple that had just spent a week in Croatia and they just couldn't stop raving about it. It seemed like every conversation was about this beautiful place! We had never even really heard of it or had thought to put it on our list but after doing a little bit of research we are HOOKED. If you don’t already follow @unlimitedcroatia on instagram and prepare to be add Croatia to your list as well!

3. Austria - I would LOVE to visit this breathtaking country in the winter! But really it is a gorgeous country any time of the year! The Sound of Music really sold this one for me! The gorgeous trees, castles, bridges, buildings, architecture, so amazing! This is another amazing place that is just full of history, which I just love.

4. Iceland - First of all, I had no idea this was a European country but I guess it is🤷‍♀️! This country wasn't on our radar until a couple of months ago. Dustin was explaining the difference between Iceland and Greenland and the meaning behind both of the two names to me.... I mean who knew?? I started looking up information and photos of Iceland and it is beautiful. After seeing those pictures it was immediately on our list. All I can think about is the Blue Lagoon.. so dreamy!


5. Italy - Verona, Rome and Tuscany, oh my!! Literally so many stops in this beautiful country! The list goes on and on, Florance, Naples, the Almafi Coast, Positano. I should stop while I am ahead! I am sure we will need to make a couple of trips to be able to check all of these incredible places off the bucket list! Seriously though, all the movies ever just make this place seem perfect. The Lizzie McGuire Movie(lol), When in Rome, Letters to Julliete, ahhh, so many good ones!

What countries are on your bucket list? Are any of these European destinations on your list? It was really hard to narrow it down but we also realized that as we check these wonderful places off of our lists we get to add new, exciting places to the list! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions!