ABC's Bachelorette Party: Banana Split Bar

ABC's Bachelorette Party: Banana Split Bar


If you are new around here, each Monday I get together with a group of my friends to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette and 99.9% of the time I volunteer to bring a snack because its so fun! If you have been watching the Bachelorette so far this season then you know Cam is quite the character. After last weeks episode I did a bit of research on ABC Cam (Always Be Cam is his ridiculous nickname for himself). I found out that he is from Austin, Texas. I started looking into popular foods from Austin and I found tons of people saying banana splits were huge there {lucky us}!! SO, for this week we had a Banana Split Bar! This was another fun and tasty shoot (haha this is probably why I always offer to bring the food). I also liked this particular week because there wasn’t a whole lot of prep work- I like easy!

Allllll I’m saying is…..

“A B C got sent home, he is on his way back to keep Austin weird… I am so glad Hannah told him to Split!”

I was on Twitter this morning and kept reading “anyone but Cam”. I hadn’t heard that one before but thought it was funny!

When I was at the store getting toppings for the banana splits there were sooo many options but I couldn’t get them all so here is what I got!



-sweet and salty peanuts

-caramel sauce

-chocolate sauce

-maraschino cherries

-rainbow sprinkles

-chocolate covered banana chips

-waffle bowls

-whipped cream

Some other things that I thought about getting were chocolate chips, pralines(yum), chocolate covered pomegranates, raspberry sauce, peanut butter sauce and oh my gosh, the list could go on! I really liked having this for a group of people because I didn’t have to worry about someone not liking the taste of what I made or having an allergy. They were able to make it their own and I didn’t have to do a whole lot but bring it to the party! It’s a win, win!


I was SO SO happy with how it turned out and everyone loved the sweet treat! The more that I look at these pictures of the banana split bar, I can see myself using this for pool parties and get togethers just because it was so easy!

Are you enjoying this mini series?! I hope so because they are so fun for me to put together! If you missed last weeks charcuterie board you can find that post here!