Caribbean All-Inclusive Resort Bucket List

We have been trying to plan our next trip for the past couple of weeks and really looking at all-inclusive resorts. When I am looking for a good deal I always turn to Expedia! It gives us a good idea of how much the whole trip will cost with combining flights and hotels together. Especially when I am looking at all inclusive properties! There are no hidden fees, really. When I started doing research about the Caribbean, I had no idea how pricey some of the islands were! WOWZA.

SIDE NOTE: The whole time I have been writing this post I have had the song “Aruba, Jamaica.. ooooo I wanna take ya.. Burmuda, Bahama come on pretty mama..” stuck in my head hahahah


St. Lucia


Punta Cana


Once I figured out how to get the info across, I actually had fun doing this! I was thinking I could do a Mexico all-inclusive resorts list next! What do you guys think of that?!