Isla Mujeres, Mexico: Travel Diary

Back in February, we decided to add Mexico to our list of places we wanted to visit. We started looking on Expedia for all of the different options and came across Mia Reef, we were instantly in love and started looking for the most inexpensive dates. TIP: Being flexible with travel dates has really helped us in finding the best deals. 

We were there for 4 nights and 5 days and it was the perfect amount of time. The hotel is all-inclusive and had so many fun activities on site. They had everything from kayaking, snorkeling, a great pool with a swim up bar and they had a natural pool. They also have their own beach that is just beautiful! The staff was also great, they were helpful and enthusiastic! On the website it says that all tips are included but we tipped throughtout the hole trip. Tip: Pull out about $150 in ones or fives when you get to the airport and use that to tip the staff at the hotel! Also, there was no need to exchange for pesos, everyone there took dollars!


One of the most fun things that we did on our trip was the half day trip to swim with the whale sharks. We went with Pro Dive Mexico and they were just amazing! They were so knowledgeable and determined to make our experience incredible. A couple of tips for this, take Dramamine or some sort of motion sickness medicine prior to leaving the island. We bobbed in the open ocean for about 4 hours and it really started to make us sick. Another tip, bring a GoPro! Yes, the guide is taking videos of you the whole time but you have to purchase them at the end. We got amazing footage on our free(check out the video!!)


Lastly, we went to Tortugranja to visit the turtles on the conservation. As you can imagine, they were the cutest ever! Tip: We arrived about 30 minutes before they opened and they actually let us in early and we got to watch them feed all of the turtles while being the only people there! They had so many turtles in all different sizes! 

Mia Reef was a dream and we literally tried to book another visit while we were in the airport before going home, we will definitely be back someday!

We are SO excited to show you our first video for the blog! Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!!