Our First Time at Disneyland!


Its no secret that we are a bit Disney obsessed, I mean hello, that's where our wedding and honeymoon was. TIP: One of the things that we do when we are looking for a weekend getaway is to use Kayak and select “no specific destination”. That way we can just enter our max budget and the max amount of time we want to spend in the air and then get all of the estimates for all of the locations around us. This is what we did for Anaheim, we found really cheap flights to Los Angeles and then decided to spend the weekend at Disneyland!

Where we stayed

We stayed at the Majestic Anaheim Garden hotel. It was so cute, it looked like a Seven Dwarfs cottage from Snow White. It was so close to the parks and there was a shuttle. It was a win, win, win lol, we would definitely stay again! The shuttles ran on the half hour and it was never too crowded on the bus, we always were able to get on right away. We arrived at our hotel at about 1:00 PM, changed and hopped on the next available shuttle to the parks.

Breakdown of the Day


When we got there I hadn’t realized that it was the opening weekend for Pixar Fest. Our first day we spent at Disneyland. We had from about 2:00 PM-12:00 AM. When we first booked the trip, I was really worried about not being there right away in the morning but we had ample time to enjoy our day and explore!

We were starving so our first stop in the park was at Alien Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland for a slice of pizza.. they also had the CUTEST green alien macaroons at Pizza Planet! I am noticing a trend of us eating at the first chance we get when we arrive places... Anywho, while we were eating lunch we got on the Disneyland App and snagged our first fast pass! When it came to food though, I really found about 1000 more treats I would have liked to try after I left. Need to plan a trip back!

TIP: The extra $10 to get the fast passes was worth it, it was all on our phones and very easy to use. Coming from Disney World and having to pick fast passes a month or two in advance, I was a little stressed out that we might not get any, but we had zero problems.

Fast-passes we got


Throughout the day we got fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Soarin’ and Star Wars ride. Other rides that we just stood in line for were the Matterhorn ride, Finding Nemo submarine, Indiana Jones’ Adventure, the Jungle cruise and so many more. Our main objective was to ride all of the rides that weren’t at Disney World first and then add in ones that we’ve been on before. Both of our favorite rides were Space Mountain, but I did really like the Indiana Jones Ride!

After our full day of travel, we turned in around 9:00 pm, it turns out we didn’t need a full day at Disneyland after all. One thing we would definitely do differently if we went back would be to get the park hopper pass so we could go between California Adventure and Disneyland as we pleased. On the second day, we found ourselves wishing we could go on some of the big rides at Disneyland again!